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Meet Robert and his family

Welcome to Fired Up Carolinas, where we are passionate about fire and its nostalgic, comforting embrace.

Robert and Meg, the founders of Fired Up Carolinas, have a deep love for fire and its ability to bring people together. Their passion for fatwood, a natural fire starter sourced from the Southern Longleaf pine, inspired them to start a fatwood company in 2023.

After nearly 25 years in the corporate world, Robert felt the call to rekindle his passion for fatwood. He was disheartened to discover that this quintessentially American resource was being sourced from other countries, neglecting its roots right here in the USA.

Fired Up Carolinas is dedicated to reviving and celebrating the essence of fatwood, a connection to an authentic American heritage. We believe that fatwood is more than just a fire starter; it's a way to bring warmth, nostalgia, and comfort to your fireside moments.

Our fatwood products are high-quality, sustainable, and easy to use. They are perfect for starting fires in fireplaces, campfires, and outdoor fire pits.

Join us, alongside our daughters, Chloe, Charley, and Izzy, on our quest to preserve this cherished American tradition and share in the warmth and nostalgia of fireside moments. Shop our products today and experience the difference that fatwood can make.


Robert and Meg

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