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Unleash All-American Legacy:
Ignite Anywhere


Premium high-resin fire starter

Our Philosophy

At Fired Up Carolinas, we believe that gathering around a fire is a natural and essential part of the human experience. Whether it's roasting marshmallows with your family, hosting a backyard barbecue, or spending time with friends around a campfire, the warmth and light of a fire bring people together in meaningful ways.

We are committed to promoting sustainable, natural burns that honor the environment and our community. That's why we source our fatwood exclusively from sustainably harvested, non-endangered trees. Our production process is environmentally responsible, using the latest technology to minimize waste and emissions.

Experience South Carolina's natural warmth and flavor with our fatwood products. Harvested from local lands, our fatwood brings the essence of the earth to your fire. Our signature blend, crafted from Southern Longleaf pine trees, captures the magic of South Carolina, wherever you may be.

Image by Tim Mossholder


100% naturally occurring materials for a cleaner burn

High Quality

Longleaf pines' resin content provides quick lights and long burns

Sourced in the South

Hand-harvested from the backwoods in the Carolinas and delivered to your home

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